• Ensure the 2nd Phase of LRT addresses the needs of Kanata South residents
  • Committed to reviewing OC Transpo scheduling and route design to best suit Kanata South
  • Review plans for a Recreational Centre for Kanata South
  • Return to annual road painting
  • Create and inform residents of scheduled resurfacing of arterial roads
  • Set a defined date for widening of Richmond Road from Stonehaven to Hunt Club
  • Review the plans for widening Terry Fox Drive from Eagelson to Castlefrank
  • Create a work ticket system to determine if the City or Private contractor had filled the pot hole
  • Review Snow clearing budget to ensure proper funds are being allocated (have missed budgeted targets the past 5 years)


  • Review due diligence procedures on City contracts to ensure all scopes of Risk Management have been assessed
  • Create a quality control process for all road construction and resurfacing


  • Review Police visibility to keep neighbourhoods safe from seasonal crime trends 
  • Commit to traffic enforcement in residential areas
  • Renew & Revise Neighbourhood watch program


  • If elected, Mike would review the current tax formulas to ensure that they are sufficient to cover future budget projections